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I’m ready for 2011

This is what i WANT for 2011. A whole new style. for a whole new me.


Okay, went to Sentosa the other day. And yes its was FUN ! Played games, chit chat, PHOTOSHOOT! One thing i like about the beach, yep, its the boys! hahhaah. Too bad i didn’t let naz ask him for his number. WASTED! haha. Well, i still don’t know how wordpress really works, so yeah.

ouh look, i’m an April Baby.

Suave and compromising.. Funny and humorous. Stubborn. Very talkative. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal. Does work well with others. Very confident. Sensitive.. Positive Attitude. Thinking generous. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Able to cheer everyone up and/or make them laugh. Able to motivate oneself and others. Understanding. Fun to be around. Outgoing. Hyper. Bubbly personality. Secretive. Boy/girl crazy. Loves sports, music, leisure and travelling. Systematic.. Hot but has brains.


CTs are OVER!

HAHA yes! Common tests are over! Even though i didn’t do well for my Maths and Thermo so yeah, ITS OVER! Heh, imma go Sentosa tomorrow and enjoy my freaking self! Anw, people don’t really know that this is my new blog. THIS. IS. MY. NEW. BLOG. I don;t really have a tagboard, i’ve been trying to put it in here but i guess i can’t. So whatever.

So how’s my love life going? Still the same as it is since i entered poly. No luck. Well, there’s this guy Shari intro-ed me. But i got a feeling he’s not interested? I mean i can tell if a guy likes me or not right? Well he doesn’t. And Shari doesn’t believe it and i don’t know how am i suppose to explain to her. So i’m hoping i won’t go out with him anymore. Mainly because i don’t have anything to talk to him about. Weird thing is, i’m shy around him. I mean ACTUALLY shy around him. Like the kind of shyness you get when you meet someone you like or when you see someone you’re instantly attracted to, ya know? Oh well, i guess its all in my head. So much for love. Update next time. BYE!


What’s up.

Nothing much. Just to keep updating, on friday had a blast with Shari as we went 313 and ion for a GDO. Super fun! And did nothing much during the weekends, except that today, i has a bowling competition and i didn’t do well. Nyahah. Big deal eh? Anw, next week are the CTs and i haven’t been studying. No mood, very tired and i’m at the edge of just not caring anymore. I wanna have fun. I wanna feel special. Well, yes. i haven;t felt special in a long while. Nope. HAHA if Shari created, i’d sign up.

I want something to happen.



Horrible Test

i spent the weekends cramming for this P&C CT and at the end of it i found out i scored 2 out of 10 for my MCQs. Bummer or what ? i seriously could have done better if only i remembered more. Sighh, i hope they moderate it, because i DO NOT WANT TO FAIL. Well who does right ? 😦 Feel so horrible now. I need my CARAMEL FRAPPE! Super badly right now.

Okay, imma try do my marketing report tonight. KBYE.


Boring Blog?

Okay, my blog is pretty much boring. Nothing interesting? Hmm, i’m still trying to find the time to add new stuff i guess. Like links and such. ANYWAYS, TGIF! But common tests are approaching real fast and i’m not 10% prepared 😦 I have to mug this weekend! ITS A MUST. Okay, blog again soon. It’s been really packed!

Mood: Tired


I feel oh so tired.

Yeah, i’ve just done the GLP PPT, i have no idea what am i presenting tomorrow, i’m stressed about the dance because i feel i’m not ready, i’m thinking about the outfit, could i really pull it off ? Also, i’m thinking about my NE and Marketing reports, which is due on week 8, which is next week, and i still haven’t start it yet. And i have more things to worry about this week, but i haven’t really confirm what is it ):

I’m in the edge of breaking down, i’m hanging by a thread. I have to get my life organised or else i won’t be able to complete anything! Wish me luck~

Mood: Hectic.



I haven’t done the ppt slides for the GLP risk assessment. I TOTALLY have no frigen mood to do anything but slack today. I guess i am in a wreck. A lot to do, so little time. Dance Rehearsal for this wed’s ceremony, i’m not even confident! And there’s the outfit to think about. And NE and Marketing Reports to do, oh my. But today, its about me and my relaxation. I will do it all tomorrow. I promise.

Mood: Busy + Stressed.

New user

YEP. I’m a new user. Nyahah. Decided to move out of blogger and try to use something much more simpler like this. I hope this is simpler :/ Well, will try to update as much as i can.